Sunlight Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the largest actuarial consulting firm, specializing in property and casualty insurance business.Currently the company's service includes P&C products design and pricing, distribution channel reform, underwriting and claim management, reserving valuation, reinsurance management consulting, dynamic solvency testing, P&C insurance company valuation, business management and strategy consulting.

Sunlight Consulting has top professional talents and outstanding actuarial service teams in the industry. We not only provide professional services and advanced management ideas, but also bring these fantastic ideas down to earth and work effectively for our clients considering the characteristics of the local market and the specific companies. We aim to help the management to make wise business decisions and create more value for the company.

The company's business volume has experienced rapid growth every year since founding. We already have more than 20 professional talents. We have an expanding client base, and maintain good cooperative relationship with clients. Our clients cover large, medium and small P&C companies, including domestic and foreign funded companies.

As the deregulation of motor market and the promotion of the China Risk Oriented Solvency System, the domestic P&C insurance market is going through a profound reform. At such a critical time, Sunlight Consulting is determined to serve more clients in a wider variety of aspects with our professional technical strength and our advantage of having big data of the industry.

Sunlight Consulting holds more than 90% market shares of auto automated pricing system implementation projects for domestic P&C insurance firms. So far, Sunlight Consulting has helped 35% of auto insurance market to establish the auto automated pricing system and to raise their capacity of risk selection to the leading position of the industry. We expect that 99% of the P&C insurance market will carry out the auto automated pricing system in three years.